There’s many a tale, that’s told without fail, when Christmas is coming around;
It spreads every year, when December is near, with words from the quaint to profound. 
For when the snow comes, and there’s plenty of rum, and corner lots sell evergreens, 
Each mama and pap, sets tots on their lap, explaining to them what it means. 

Some mention the fall, before it turns raw, and color is still in the leaves, 
Before Turkey day, and skies have turned gray, and ice cycles drip from the eves. 
It’s then Christmas starts beguiling our hearts, with visions to which we can cling, 
Through layers of trope, they appeal to the hope, of joyful glad tidings they bring. 

Now many confess, that Christmas is best, when Santa Clause lands on the roof; 
There’s nothing to fear when tiny reindeer, are pawing with each frozen hoof. 
That jolly old elf, doesn’t think of himself, but only the children in bed; 
He tries to be quiet, but not being spry-et, he bumps down the chimney instead. 

A few who are old, are sure to unfold, this story about Christmastime – 
Of balsam fir trees, that sway in the breeze, but cut down while still in their prime. 
And though it seems sad, for many a lad, that conifers meet such a fate, 
The Christmas tree dressed, as they can attest, is what makes this holiday great. 

For some it’s the music, and all of the lyrics, that come with each Christmastime song; 
Can Drummer Boy’s beat, that’s rum pum pum sweet, be ever considered as wrong? 
From Orient kings, to Angels that sing, these melodies don’t let us pout; 
But played from November and all through December, will surely make some people shout. 

For others the reason, that’s given each season, why Christmas is something to see, 
Is all of the presents, that look very pleasant, when lovingly placed neath a tree; 
With wrappings of red, tied up with gold thread, each holding a secret surprise; 
It’s not just receiving, but also the giving, that’s certainly one of the highs. 

Still many will say, the joy of the day, is found in the goodies they favor; 
Like fruitcake to munch, and chestnuts to crunch, and cups of hot chocolate to savor. 
From peppermint candies, to white frosted sandies, and sugarplums looking so grand, 
There’s nothing like food, to alter one’s mood, and make Christmas tummies expand. 

And then there are parties, for those who are hearty, that seem like they never will end; 
It’s not arbitrary, that people feel merry, when having good times with a friend. 
But those who hate red, have something to dread, when planning the clothing they’ll wear, 
And those who loathe green, can make quite a scene, ahead of a Christmas affair. 

Now I’d be remiss, in stories like this, not to mention the sending of cards; 
For some it’s the height, of Christmas delight, to mail out their Yuletide regards. 
Still, glitter that sticks, to fingers and fists, can make us feel anxious and vexed; 
No wonder its shine has receded with time, replaced by cheap emails and texts. 

For faithful believers, it causes them shivers, to think of the One who was born; 
Protected from danger, asleep a manger, that very first Christmas day morn. 
I know it seems wild, but the birth of this child, is where Christmas always begins; 
Christ came from above, to teach us of love, and take away all of our sins. 

One more thing I’d mention, and draw your attention, is found in the Carol of Dickens; 
For the story of Scrooge, is really quite huge, and makes many spirit a quicken. 
I’m speaking of change, through lives rearranged, so kindness will never depart; 
For always we’ll labor, to love on our neighbor, unless there’s a change in our heart. 

Now let me submit, before calling quits, that Christmas is captured in this –
The total collection, of all of our reflections, that joyfully fill us with bliss. 
Like Santa and deer, and music and cheer, and packages under a tree; 
And God who brings peace, so conflicts will cease, and wonderful blessings there be. 


2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Awesome! Thank you.

    On Wed, Dec 1, 2021 at 11:14 AM Pursuit Of Virtue wrote:

    > Scott Foote posted: ” There’s many a tale, that’s told without fail, when > Christmas is coming around;It spreads every year, when December is near, > with words from the quaint to profound. For when the snow comes, and > there’s plenty of rum, and corner lots sell everg” >


  2. How did I miss this amazing Christmas poem!?? Beautiful Scott.
    I think you should try
    When Christmas draws nigh
    To submit to the Saturday Post
    You’ll receive the acclaim
    That is due to your name,
    And in you all our family will boast!


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